Sparkling Crystal Touch Review (2023): Scam or Legit?

Looking for a beautiful and versatile table lamp that can add a touch of luxury to your home? The Sparkling Crystal Touch lamp might just be what you need. This exquisite lamp features an intricate design that creates a graceful splendor in any room. 

With 16 colors, adjustable brightness, and app control, the Sparkling Crystal Touch lamp is a unique and sophisticated lighting option that has garnered a lot of attention from customers. But is it worth the hype? 

In this review, we’ll take a closer look at the Sparkling Crystal Touch lamp and examine its pros and cons based on real customer reviews.

What is Sparkling Crystal Touch?

The Sparkling Crystal Touch table lamp is a perfect addition to your home if you are looking for a way to add a touch of luxury and elegance. This stunning lamp is designed with intricate patterns of light that create a graceful splendor in any room.

Sparkling Crystal Touch Review

With the Sparkling Crystal Touch, you can easily adjust the light to create the perfect ambiance. The lamp features a sophisticated touch sensor that allows you to turn it on and off and switch between 16 different colours and light intensities. Plus, with the included remote control, you can easily adjust the brightness from across the room.

One of the best features of the Sparkling Crystal Touch is its USB rechargeable design. You can use it while connected to a USB cable or unplug it for wireless use. It’s perfect for creating a soft, gentle light for a relaxing evening at home or as a nightlight for a child’s bedroom.

Whether you’re looking for a new addition to your home or the perfect gift for someone you love, the Sparkling Crystal Touch is the perfect choice. With its exquisite design and sophisticated touch sensor, it’s sure to add a touch of elegance to any space.

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Stunning Design

The Sparkling Crystal Touch Lamp features an exquisite design that adds a touch of sophistication and elegance to any room.

Adjustable Lighting

With 16 colors and adjustable brightness, you can easily create the perfect ambiance for any occasion.

App Control

The lamp comes with an app that allows you to control the colors and modes, as well as sync the light with music.

Remote Control

The included remote control makes it easy to adjust the lamp from across the room.

USB Rechargeable

The lamp can be charged with a USB cable, making it convenient to use wirelessly.

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Some users have noted that the lamp’s plastic seems fragile and may crack if dropped against a hard surface.

Sensitive Touch

The touch sensor is very sensitive, which may make it difficult to travel with without accidentally turning it on.


Some users have noted that the lighting inside the lamp is too strong and may overpower the textured inside.


One user noted that there is a visible seam around the top of the lamp, though it is not noticeable when the lamp is on.

Who is Sparkling Crystal Touch For?

The Sparkling Crystal Touch lamp is perfect for those who desire an elegant and versatile lighting solution for their home. Its beautiful design, coupled with 16 colors and adjustable brightness settings, makes it a suitable addition to any room, whether you’re setting the ambiance for a relaxing evening or using it as a nightlight in a child’s bedroom. The lamp’s app control, remote control, and USB rechargeable feature add to its convenience and ease of use. 

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Where to Get the Best Price?

To get the best price for Sparkling Crystal Touch, you should go to the official retail store. They’re now selling the device at a discounted price, but it’s unclear whether this price will last for long.

I bought my Sparkling Crystal Touch from the official retail store, and I have no regrets. The customer service was excellent, and my order arrived very quickly.

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