Life Watch Review (2023): Scam or Legit?

Life Watch, the smart watch that claims to track various health metrics, has gained attention with its promise of comprehensive health monitoring. But amidst its marketing claims, the accuracy of these health-tracking features remains uncertain. Are smart watches necessary for the average person, and how does Life Watch compare to established brands like Fitbit? 

Furthermore, what do real users have to say about Life Watch? In this article, we delve into these questions and more as we explore the legitimacy of Life Watch.

Does Life Watch Really Work?

Despite Life Watch’s claims to track health metrics such as body temperature, heart rate, blood pressure, blood oxygen levels, and sleep patterns, the brand provides no substantial evidence of its accuracy. The absence of clinical trials and the lack of comparisons to other popular smart watches raise doubts about its effectiveness. Previous clinical studies have revealed accuracy issues with portable health devices and smartwatches. 

Is Life Watch Legit

For example, a study on another smart watch brand found significant differences in blood pressure measurement, rendering it unreliable. Likewise, a medical review of sleep tracking devices concluded that their accuracy was insufficient for practical use. 

While some wearable devices have shown accuracy for specific outcomes, the overall research on smart watches’ accuracy is inconclusive. Given the absence of clinical data and the questionable accuracy of other health-tracking smart watches, it is unlikely that Life Watch will provide accurate readings.

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Life Watch vs. Fitbit

Fitbit, a renowned health tracking device that also functions as a watch, stands as a notable competitor to Life Watch. Although Fitbit is pricier (ranging from around $150 to $350), it has been clinically proven to work and exhibit a certain level of accuracy. 

A study comparing heart rate tracking accuracy among commercial devices found Fitbit to have a relative error rate of 3.9% to 13.5%. Additionally, a medical review highlighted Fitbit as the most accurate commercial device for sleep tracking. Based on the available data, Fitbit is a recommended choice over Life Watch.

User Reviews of Life Watch 

InvenTel Products LLC, the manufacturer of Life Watch, has received a low average review rating of 1 out of 5 stars on the Better Business Bureau (BBB) website. Unsatisfied users have reported issues such as non-functional watches, frustrating refund experiences, and misleading tracking numbers. 

However, it is worth noting that the manufacturer does respond to customer complaints and attempts to resolve them. Dissatisfied Life Watch customers are encouraged to leave reviews on the BBB website to increase the chances of a satisfactory resolution.

Do You Really Need Smart Watches?

While the idea of having more health data can be appealing, there is limited convincing evidence that smart watches are necessary or useful for the average healthy individual. 

Metrics like heart rate and blood pressure can be checked during routine doctor’s visits, and at-home monitoring devices recommended by healthcare professionals offer greater accuracy. Large-scale medical studies showcasing the preventive or health improvement benefits of smart watches are lacking. Therefore, smart watches may be considered a product category that lacks a clear problem to solve.

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In conclusion, Life Watch cannot be recommended due to the lack of evidence proving its accuracy in clinical trials and the absence of positive user reviews. Fitbit, although not as accurate as medical devices, has demonstrated reliability and some level of accuracy in clinical studies, making it a preferable choice for consumers. 

While smart watches and health tracking devices may not be necessary for the average consumer, individuals interested in exploring their potential benefits can do so without significant harm. 

However, it is crucial to consider the cost, potential inaccuracies, and consult healthcare professionals for accurate health measurements and recommendations. Prioritizing products supported by clinical evidence and positive user experiences is advisable, and unfortunately, Life Watch falls short in meeting these criteria.

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