Bean Box Review (2023): Scam or Legit?

As a coffee enthusiast, I was excited to try out Bean Box, a Seattle-based coffee delivery and subscription service. After spending a week trying their products, I can confidently say that Bean Box offers high quality coffee that is worth the investment for anyone who appreciates a good cup of joe.

Packaging and Presentation

The packaging of Bean Box’s coffee beans is both pleasing and functional. Each bag is labeled clearly with the coffee’s origin and tasting notes, as well as a visual guide to its roast level. The bags are also easily resealable to ensure the coffee stays fresh for longer periods of time.

Bean Box’s cold brew boxes are also well-designed, with a pop-out nozzle for easy pouring and a vacuum seal to maintain freshness. The small size of the boxes also makes them easy to store in the refrigerator.

Bean Box Review


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Taste and Quality

When it comes to taste, Bean Box’s coffee is exceptional. I particularly enjoyed their cold brew, which had a nuanced flavor with hints of chocolate. The quality of the beans was also evident in their whole coffee bean samples, which were noticeably higher quality than our bulk Costco beans. I even shared a pack with friends who are coffee fanatics and they described it as “yummy”.

Subscription Options

Bean Box offers a variety of subscription options, from monthly tasting boxes curated by coffee experts to full-sized bags delivered weekly, biweekly, or monthly. With subscriptions, shipping is complimentary. While single, full-sized bags are also available without a subscription, shipping is not included.

Bean Box Review 1

Price and Value

While Bean Box’s coffee is more expensive than bulk options like those at Costco, the quality and curation are worth the investment. A cup of coffee brewed from their beans costs about $1.00, which is still an affordable luxury when considering the expertise and shipping included in the price.

However, their cold brew is priced at around $3.50 per eight-ounce serving, which might be a bit too expensive for daily consumption. But, for those who frequently buy cold brew from a coffee chain, Bean Box’s product is a great value and far superior in taste.

Gift Options

Bean Box also offers a variety of gift options, including gift subscriptions. A three-month subscription costs less than a bouquet of flowers and provides a longer-lasting gift that can be enjoyed by coffee lovers.

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Environmental Sustainability

Bean Box takes sustainability seriously and offers a variety of eco-friendly options for their products. Their coffee bags are compostable, and their cold brew boxes are recyclable. They also source their coffee from farms that practice sustainable and ethical farming practices.

Community and Social Impact

Bean Box is committed to supporting the coffee community and has partnered with local coffee shops and roasters in Seattle. They also donate a portion of their sales to support the arts and education in the Seattle area.

Customer Service

Bean Box has a helpful and responsive customer service team that can assist with any questions or concerns. They also have a satisfaction guarantee, so if you’re not satisfied with your order, they will replace or refund your purchase.

Bean Box vs Competitors

Bean Box stands out from its competitors with its expert curation and high quality products. While other coffee subscription services offer similar options, Bean Box’s focus on quality and sustainability sets them apart. They also offer a wider variety of products, including cold brew, which is not always available from other subscription services.

Bean Box also offers a more personalized experience with their monthly tasting boxes, which are curated based on your flavor preferences. This allows for a more tailored experience and can help you discover new coffees that you might not have tried otherwise.

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Final Verdict

Overall, Bean Box is an excellent choice for anyone who values high quality coffee and wants to expand their palate. The subscription options allow for experimentation with different types of coffee without a huge investment, and the expert curation ensures that even if a particular option isn’t your favorite, it will still be a quality product. While their cold brew is a bit pricey for daily consumption, it’s a great value for those who frequently buy coffee out. And for gift-giving, Bean Box offers a unique and thoughtful present that will be appreciated by any coffee lover.

If you’re looking for a coffee subscription service that offers high quality products, expert curation, and a commitment to sustainability and community, Bean Box is definitely worth trying. With a variety of subscription options and a satisfaction guarantee, there’s no reason not to give it a shot.

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