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Local Businesses and Independent Business Advocacy Groups Launch “Shift Your Shopping NH”

MEDIA CONTACTS Jen Risley, Executive Director, Monadnock Buy Local, 603-499-7950 Karen Marzloff, Executive Director, Seacoast Local, 603-205-1378 On November 1, the seventh annual Shift Your Shopping holiday campaign launched for the 2017 season, encouraging individuals and businesses to “shift” more of their visits for holiday shopping, entertaining and dining to local independent businesses.  Eighteen business organizations and networks in towns and cities throughout New Hampshire are kicking off this collaborative campaign. The campaign continues through December. Shift Your Shopping’s mission is to “build a tradition that strengthens local economies, expands local employment, nurtures a sense of community, and provides a more relaxed, fun, and rewarding holiday shopping experience.” Monadnock Buy Local and Seacoast Local launched the Shift Your Shopping concept with partners around the nation in 2010.  Now they’re inviting like-minded organizations to grow the campaign in the Granite State. Partners bring their own local flair, using Shift Your Shopping templates as well as incorporating events like Plaid Friday and Cider Monday (pro-local antidotes to the chain-centered Black Friday and “Cyber Monday”).The campaign also encourages people to employ the energy and resources of Small Business Saturday as part of season-long outreach. Participants share stories using the hashtags #shiftyourshopping and #shiftyourshoppingNH. Shift Your Shopping’s neighborhood appeal promotes a friendly, community-centered alternative to the consumer frenzy that descends upon us each November. Jen Risley, Executive Director of Monadnock Buy Local, notes...

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LIBA Members Rally to Launch the Shift Your Shopping Contest

December 10, 2014 Folks in Louisville are always looking for a good party, and the standards are high in this town. We do, after all, host the Kentucky Derby, where all business stops for the first week in May. So what better way to distribute our Shift Your Shopping materials than with a party for our members? LIBA (Louisville Independent Business Alliance) is an alliance of almost 700 locally owned and independent businesses.  This year, we’ve translated the Shift Your Shopping campaign into a contest. For two lucky people, shopping from independent retailers this holiday season will yield more...

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Shift Your Shopping – A National Template Gone Local

Below you will see the poster created by High Country Local First in the NC High Country. Enjoy their creation and their message below — a great look at how a local group used the SYS message and assets to customize their own holiday campaign! “We used the SYS messaging and connected it with our LOCAL FIRST! REWARDS CARD this season. We are encouraging folks to use their rewards cards to shop at independent businesses and save during this holiday season, as well as to give the gift of a rewards cards to others, so that they can save...

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Shift Your Shopping Monadnock Style

December 16, 2014 From November 1st to December 31st each year, Monadnock Buy Local (Southwestern New Hampshire) works extra-hard to ensure our spending matches the values we support. To make our “think local first” message stronger, we engage in the Shift Your Shopping campaign, which serves as the backbone for our holiday season outreach. All the events and promotions we offer in our region remind individuals to do their best to “Shift.” We offer a variety of events and promotions to remind us of our commitment, including our popular Plaid Friday event the day after Thanksgiving. Individuals wear plaid...

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Take Back the Day After Thanksgiving – Celebrate Plaid Friday!

November 23rd, the Friday after Thanksgiving, means Black Friday to most, but Monadnock Buy Local and other independent business alliances across the country are urging citizens to take back the Friday after Thanksgiving and celebrate Plaid Friday instead. Skip the long lines and frantic crowds, and enjoy a different kind of shopping experience – a day that is enjoyable and leisurely, that builds real relationships and supports your local economy. Why the plaid in Plaid Friday? We ask citizens to wear plaid on November 23rd to make their support for locally- owned businesses and community visible – reinforcing their own commitment, while giving others a reminder to think local first. There are so many people who value buying locally, but they get swept up in the holiday sales frenzy and forget their commitment. Plaid Friday can be an anchor, reminding citizens about the importance of shopping at independent businesses and grounding them to their own commitment buy local. –Wearing plaid, a fabric with unique colors woven together into a larger pattern, represents the many diverse independent businesses that together form the tapestry of a strong local economy. “What could be a bigger contrast from Black Friday than plaid?” said Tracy Keating, owner of Life is Sweet Candy Store in downtown Keene. “Just the visual alone is fabulous.” In the Monadnock Region of New Hampshire, ten independent businesses act as...

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Let’s build an annual tradition that strengthens local economies, expands employment, nurtures a sense of community, and provides a more relaxed, fun, and rewarding gift-buying experience.

If you join us in shifting those dollars to locally owned, independent businesses, we’ll all generate 2-3 times as much economic activity in our community than if we had spent our money at a national chain.

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