Weekly tips to help you make the most of Shift Your Shopping

By Becky McCray
November, 2015

Shift Your Shopping sounds like a great idea, but how do you make it work in a local retail business? What do you need to do today to make more sales throughout the holidays?

To help local business people answer those questions, I’ve started a series of short weekly action steps. If you’re a retailer, you can use these yourself. If you’re part of an association, alliance, group or organization, you can send them to your retail members. Each article is posted here at Small Biz Survival.

You can adapt the articles to use in your regular email newsletter, in your own emails, or as articles in your newspaper. Any way you can think of to help these articles reach more retailers, you have my permission to do it as long as you list me as the author.

When we all coordinate our message, we’ll multiply our efforts and reach more potential customers.

Throughout the series, we’ll cover adding the campaign logo to your social media accounts, report on other local businesses, shine a spotlight on our communities, get ready for Small Business Saturday, give support to local causes, talk about our local suppliers and service providers, talk about our customers, introduce our people and thank everyone for their support of the community this year.

You can see the archive of all the emails that have already gone out and sign up to get future articles plus our regular how-to business articles by email on this page.

Becky McCray is the founder and publisher of Small Biz Survival and the co-author of Small Town Rules. She also is a popular speaker on small town and rural business.

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